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John Parker

Many field sobriety tests are so strenuous that even sober motorists cannot pass them. Breath testing conducted on defective or malfunctioning equipment can record an inaccurate blood alcohol content reading that unfairly results in an arrest for drunk driving.

If you have been the victim of one of these DUI stop discrepancies, and you need experienced DUI defense representation in your corner, the The Law Office of John H. Parker II in Memphis can help.

For 17 years, John H. Parker II has successfully protected the rights of a wide range of DUI defendant clients. He conducts deep research into what happened during your interaction with law enforcement. He uses the facts of your case to push for reduction and dismissal of the charges you face. In administrative hearings and in court, he advocates for you in ways that can produce positive outcomes.

DUI Defense Attorney Who Insists On Breathalyzer Accuracy And Responsible Field Sobriety Testing

Do you need a skilled Tennessee lawyer on your side when the chips are down? When a dubious police procedure could lead to suspension or revocation of your driver's license after a DUI stop? John H. Parker II can join you with vigorous challenges to field sobriety and breath testing methods.

Call 901-522-8200 or email us in Memphis to arrange a confidential initial consultation.