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John Parker

Any physical or conspiratorial connection to controlled substances such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin can be extremely damaging to your future.

If this connection is proven by prosecutors in a courtroom, resulting in a criminal conviction, you are headed for a world of hurt. A lengthy prison term, heavy fines and a record as a felon await you. And the only person who stands in the way of this bleak outcome is an experienced, battle-tested drug crime defense attorney.

The skilled lawyer who stands up for your rights during every phase of the criminal justice process is John H. Parker II, founder of the The Law Office of John H. Parker II in Memphis.

For the entirety of his 17-year career, Mr. Parker has successfully handled a wide variety of drug crime cases. He examines state and federal charges of drug possession and drug trafficking in ways that reveal Fourth Amendment abuses by law enforcement, including warrantless searches, planted evidence, coerced confessions and other invasions of your privacy.

Are You Struggling Against Felony Drug Crime Charges In Tennessee? We Can Help!

That full-service advocacy begins with your confidential initial consultation. To arrange that critical first meeting with John H. Parker II, call us today at 901-522-8200 or remain at our website to communicate with us by email.